Union stewards are the first link between members and their union. Their role is to help members of their department, to make sure they have the information they need, to inform them of their rights, to inform the union of any problems so that it can take action.

The delegates participate in the union council, and therefore in certain decisions relating to the functioning of ASSEP. The decisions of the union council take precedence over those of the executive council.

The statutes do not define a limit on the number of delegates. There may be several in each department and this is even desirable. It’s the strength of number !

Union Stewards

  • Laura Ahunon
  • Hugo Barral
  • Iann Beck
  • Ulrich Landry Compaore
  • Moulay Huard
  • Tony Jammes
  • Rim Kilani
  • Amine Merzouk
  • Sri Venkata Vathsala Musunuri
  • Mohamed Ousmoï
  • Azam Shirani Bidabadi