Understanding your collective agreement

Here you will find presentations and tools explaining your rights under your collective agreement.

Get prepared for the statuatory GA – Lunch info of March 30th, 2023

Our statutory GA will be held in April! Learn why this GA is important, how to make proposals to the union and which positions are open.

Verify your payslip! – Lunch info of February 23th, 2023

All the tools to verify if your payslip is in order!

Fichier de calcul de la rétroactivité des salaires des postdocs, mis à jour et étendu (28/02/2022) :

The basics of our collective agreements – Lunch info of January 26th, 2023

The basics about your collective agreement, and those of other units… of which you may already be a part!

How do I get my rights respected? – Lunch info of October 27th, 2022

The good reflexes to have and the different procedures (including grievances) in case of non-respect of your rights acquired by the collective agreement.

Life cycle of the collective agreement – Lunch info of Septembre 29th, 2022

The importance of the rules of procedure governing the union! To be ready for the next round of bargaining.

Paid leave and parental leave – Lunch info of July 20th, 2022
Salary retroactivity – Lunch info of June 28th, 2022

For whom? For when? How to calculate it?


You can use the following file in the Simulation tab. Simply select the option that applies to you and enter the number of hours in your contracts. If you are contributing to the Group RRSP, you will also need to enter the rate you have chosen to contribute to.

Teaching assistants

You can use the following file in the Simulation tab. Enter the number of hours in your contracts, for each type of task, at each semester.


You can use the following file. Enter the number of worked months, and your brut wage.

Organization and Regulations

The executive council is composed of a coordinator (president), a treasurer and secretary, an external affairs officer, an internal affairs officer and the labour relations officers of each unit.

The Union Council is composed of the members of the Executive Council and the Stewards. Union representatives may also sit on various committees.

Members may also sit on various committees both internally and externally.

The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the Union.