Coordination Responsible

Sébastien Paquette

According to Article 22.1 of the status and regulations: “He represents the Union in its official acts and to the media. He convenes general meetings. He shall sign checks together with the manager in cash. He shall sign the minutes of the organization and the financial reporting. He ensures the implementation of mandates and compliance with statutes and regulations. He or she sits ex officio on the negotiating committee of the units to which it belongs.”

Responsible for treasury and secretariat

Dany Généreux

According to Article 22.2 of the status and regulations:”He takes the body and makes accounting. He collects membership dues. He provides on request the exact state of finances of the Union and gives access to the books on demand it. He preparing the estimates and the financers states that must then be submitted to the General assembly. He writes the minutes of all proceedings of the Union. He is responsable to keep the members list updated. He supports the other Executive Committee members in their daily work.”

Internal Responsible

Vacant position

According to Article 22.3 of the status and regulations: “He or she works to organize the mobilization for the activities of the Union through the dissemination and display of information material to members. He or she ensures that delegates find for the labor board in all departments. He or she works with the organization of meetings of the union council. He or she represents the default ASSEP with unions and student associations within the École Polytechnique. He or she default seat at the urging of the Ecole Polytechnique. He or she will approach members wishing to participate in internal representation activities at the École Polytechnique for the union.”

External Responsible

Chantal Beaudry

According to Article 22.5 of the status and regulations “He or she represents the default ASSEP with unions outside the École Polytechnique he or she approaches the members wishing to participate in external representation of union activities. He or she shall ensure the dissemination of relevant information relating to the external union business at the École Polytechnique.”

Three responsible of work relationship

According to Article 22.4 of the status and regulations : “He or she works on the development and monitoring of grievances. He or she sits automatically on the bargaining committee. He or she acts as an intermediary between the members and the PSAC when a grievance is referred to arbitration. He or she is responsible for negotiating grievances, letters of agreement or specific agreements with the employer for the purposes or provisions in the collective agreement.”