COVID-19 - New gouvernemental measures 2021

The government has announced a new restriction in this beginning of the year. The public health decree imposes a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. until February 8.

Some of you will have to teach or travel during the curfew period. Although not recommended, this is permitted by the current public health decree and Polytechnique should have provided you with a letter of justification for this purpose, in the event of a police check. We recommend that you also have a copy of your work schedule with you, if it is not already stated in the letter.

Collective agreements for lecturers and postdoctoral fellows

Collective agreements for lecturers and postdoctoral fellows will be signed soon. They are still effective today on September 1, 2017, following an agreement with the direction.

The finance department may need a pay period to adjust, in which case wage increases will be paid retroactively as required from today. This applies to any person currently under contract, even if you have signed this contract at the former salary rate.

lecturers general assembly on Bill 13 - agreement accepted

There will be a unitary general assembly of lecturers on Thursday, March 16th 2017, at 12:30 pm in room C-632 of the main building. The agreement of principle concerning Bill 13 will be put to the vote. A lunch will be provided to the members present.

Update : The agreement has been accepted by the lecturers of ASSEP. We are waiting for some results in other unions.