Agreement in principle for lecturers

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Good news ! Your bargaining team has just reached an agreement in principle for the next lecturer’s collective agreement. The members of this unit will soon receive the convocation for the GA of ratification, during which they will be asked to vote on the proposal to accept the agreement. Details of the agreement will be sent to members in advance, as soon as possible.

Here are some highlights of the agreement, the details will be sent by email to members and presented at the ratification meeting:

  • 4-year collective agreement
  • Salary increases:
    • 2% for 2020 (retroactive)
    • 2% for 2021 (retroactive)
    • 2% + 5% adjustments for 2022
    • 2% + 5% adjustments for 2023
    • 2.25% for 2024
  • RRSP: Employer will contribute 7% instead of 3% (i.e. 4% more) from 2022.
  • Parental leave will increase from 88% to 90% of salary.
  • A $500 signing bonus
  • Approximately $70/hour for mandatory training requested by the employer
  • Payment of annual dues for engineering order if required for work and not paid by another employer.
  • Reduction of reserve clauses from 20% to 17% of charges offered without posting.
  • People with more points than the sum of their colleagues will be able to take 2 charges in the first round of attribution.
  • For courses with more than one section, a minimum of 25% of the available charges must go through the posting.
  • Same posting dates for all departments