Collective agreement

  • The collective agreement is in force until 31 August 2024. New procedures apply for posting course loads, assigning and updating scorescumulative pointing.
Your collective agreement in 9 points
Scoring lists
January 2024

A union grievance was filed for the employer’s failure to meet the publication deadline for the list of May 2022. Two other grievances were also filed on the non-conformity of the September 2022 scoring list.

What is happening now?

Implementation of the new collective agreement
  • The renewal of the collective agreement was duly negotiated. The parties signed on April 7, 2022. Your union team is there for you!
  • Where are we now? At the Annual General Assembly on April 20, 2023, the bargaining committee was elected. With the collective agreement expiring on August 31, 2024, the members are ready to negotiate the next agreement. You have a voice in the mandate to negotiate, so keep an eye on upcoming communications!
The union defending your interests
  • The union has filed application and interpretation grievances on the collective agreement regarding the scoring list (liste de pointage). If you believe that you have been adversely affected in the allocation of course loads for the winter 2023 session, please contact your representatives.

Who is a member of the unit?

The majority of courses at Polytechnique are given by lecturers.

Polytechnique lecturers are different from other universities’ lecturers by their diverse origins:

  • full time at Polytechnique
  • graduate students
  • industry
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Who do I contact?

Do you have specific questions regarding the collective agreement? You can contact :