Postdocs GA : Vote on the agreement in principle

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The general assembly will take place on Wednesday, April 27th at 11:30 a.m., in room M-2107 of the Lassonde building. Members participating in the GA will have a union release of 90 minutes, then a free meal!

Details of the agreement in principle

  • Better union leave approval
  • Better layoff notice
  • 35 (rather than 40)-hour work week confirmed
  • Up to ten days of sick leave or family leave per year, rather than seven days for sick leave only
  • A medical certificate can only be requested after three consecutive days of sick leave, rather than on the first day
  • Better bereavement leave, now counted in working rather than consecutive days
  • Better marriage leave, now five working days rather than consecutive days
  • Group insurance now at the same level as that of other Polytechnique employees (except for dental), which is a major improvement.
  • Wage increases:  
    • Minimum wage to be raised 10.1% over the term of the collective agreement, up to $40,300 as of September 1, 2024. 
    • The raises will be as follows: 
      • 2020: 0%
      • 2021: 2% (retroactive to September 1, 2021)
      • 2022: 2%
      • 2023: 2%
      • 2024: 2.25%
  • Five-year collective agreement term (nearly two years already elapsed)