Lecturer’s special general assembly

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You are invited to the lecturer’s unity special general assembly. It will be on Monday February 28th, 2022, at 2pm, on Zoom. You have to be a lecturer, member in good standing of the union, in order to assist as a participant, that mean having got at least one lecturer’s pay in the last 12 month, and having joined the union.

We will proceed by Zoom. You have until 12pm on February 28th to register via the following link, but we recommand you to do so in advance.  The link to connect will be sent to you at your personal email, between 12pm et 1:30pm, on February. As for the precedents GA, registration in advance allow su to verify that all participants are lecturers members in good standing.

This assembly follow a demand filled up by members, according to Status 15.3 of ASSEP.


  1. Opening of the assembly
  2. Presidium
  3. Discussions on the agreement in principle
  4. Closing of the assembly

Since it will be a special general assembly, according to status 15.3 of ASSEP, the agenda won’t be alterable.

Note that there won’t be a possibility to vote on the agreement in principle, concluded on last January 20th. It has been ratified on February 10th, according to all laws and bylaws applicable.