Statutory GA on April 20, 2023

ASSEP members are invited to attend the statutory GA to be held on April 20 at noon in room L-1710. We encourage you to register in advance to allow us to estimate the quantities needed for the meal.

You must be a member in good standing of the union to be eligible to vote, i.e. have had at least one paycheck in the last 12 months, and have joined the union.


  1. Opening
  2. Presidium
  3. Adoption of the agenda
  4. Adoption of the minutes of the general assembly of February 15th, 2023
  5. Elections
    1. Responsible for coordination
    2. Responsible for work relations for teaching assistants
    3. Responsible for work relations for postdocs
    4. Responsible for external
    5. Responsible for internal
    6. Union stewards
    7. Trustee committee
    8. Lecturer’s bargaining committee
  6. Financial states of 2022-2023
  7. Budget for 2023-2024
  8. Modifications to Statutes and regulations
  9. Varia
  10. Closing