You are automatically a member of ASSEP if you belong to one of the following accreditation units: lecturers, teaching assistants and person in charge of practical works, post-doctoral researcher. However, to be a member in good standing, you need to have signed the PSAC membership form.

Becoming a member in good standing is as easy as filling out the PSAC form!

To be a member in good standing, all you need to do is sign your PSAC membership card! This signature is automatic when the contract is signed for teaching assistants and persons in charge of practical works, but not for other units.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us to check your status:

Being a member in good standing gives you access to all the benefits offered by the union, whether ASSEP or PSAC. Plus, you help show that the union is representative of its members. And it’s completely free!

Rights and benefitsMembers of one of the accreditation unitsMembers in good standing (signed form)
Working conditions governed by the collective agreement✔️✔️
Voting rights at Assemblies where decisions are taken on the union’s orientations✔️
Participate in organized activities (see calendar)✔️
Promotional gifts✔️
Free legal service in the event of a conflict✔️
Strike fund to cover part of wages✔️
Various discounts✔️
Summary table of rights and benefits provided by ASSEP and PSAC

ASSEP regularly provides its members in good standing with useful, aesthetic and, for the most part, Canadian-made promotional items to increase their sense of belonging to the union and its visibility.

Come and get them at our events or at the union office (B-312) during office hours!

In addition, the PSAC gives us access to numerous benefits (see this site for more information):

  • -15% off all train tickets (including up to 3 family members)
  • Discounts on home and auto insurance
  • Life and critical illness insurance, with $10,000 free
  • PSAC Mastercard with BMO
  • Discounts at many cosmetics, electronics, entertainment and home brands and companies with Union Savings: check out their website!