Welcome to the website of the ASSEP (Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale de l’École Polytechnique), the union that represents all lecturers, teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows from École Polytechnique.

The mission of the ASSEP is to represent its members and their rights, as every day that the negotiation of collective agreements. To do this, we work with our trade union, PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada). We are also affiliated with the FTQ (Quebec Federation of Workers) and the CLC (Canadian Labour Congress).

According to the statutes and regulations of the ASSEP, anyone who performs the work covered by either of our three bargaining units (lecturers, teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows), or who performed one of these tasks is a member of ASSEP up to a year after receiving his last pay. You can check the tabs of the three units for details on each.

The ASSEP is always looking for members to get involved in their union. Do not hesitate to contact members of the executive committee if one of the stations you want.

Office hours : Tuesday and Thursday, 13:30 to 17:00

Please note that it is possible that some of these periods of availability could be occasionally canceled or moved. This is due to the ongoing negotiations for collective agreements, to which some of your representatives must be present. We will try to announce it in the news, but we suggest you to contact us in advance if you have to come at École Polytechnique to meet us.

GA of lecturers on November 23rd 2017

At the general assembly in October, a unitary general assembly of lecturers was requested to review certain clauses of the collective agreement, mainly article 12.

You are invited to the unitary general assembly of the lecturers, which will take place on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017, at 12:00, in room A-401 of the main building. Lunch will be provided. The agenda is in the documents tab.

GA on October 19th

You are invited to the next general assembly of your union, which will be held on Thursday, October 19th, 2017, at 12:30, in room A-526 of the main building. A lunch will be offered to the members present.

Documents are available in the documents tab of the ASSEP website. We will present the resolutions of the ASSEP and other unions that we consider as priorities. Members may also be asked to prioritize resolutions, or suggest others, so we suggest you look at them in advance.

Collective agreements for lecturers and postdoctoral fellows

Collective agreements for lecturers and postdoctoral fellows will be signed soon. They are still effective today on September 1, 2017, following an agreement with the direction.

The finance department may need a pay period to adjust, in which case wage increases will be paid retroactively as required from today. This applies to any person currently under contract, even if you have signed this contract at the former salary rate.

Lecturers : general assembly on the agreement in principle

After nearly three years of fierce negotiations, your bargaining committee has finally come to an agreement in principle with the employer! We have succeeded in pushing the employer to approve a draft collective agreement that we believe meets your needs and demands.

While it is not ideal to call a meeting in the middle of the summer, we believe it is important to sign our first collective agreement quickly so that negotiated wage increases can be applied befor the fall semester of 2017. This is why we call for a general assembly of all lecturers on:

Postdocs : general assembly on the agreement in principle

Your bargaining committee is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement in principle with École Polytechnique, for the first collective agreement. This agreement has been reach on Monday, June 19th 2017. The content of the agreement in principle is attached to this email (french only).

You are all invited to participate in the postdocs's unitary assembly, to be held on Tuesday July 4th, 2017 at 12:00, in room C-630 of the main building. A lunch will be provided to the members present. You must have an active contract to vote.